Well, Milkyway season is here....Finally

It's April 2020 and most of us are locked up in our homes staying away from everyone and if you're like me, going stir crazy. I am a fine art photographer and I can't tell you how difficult it is to not go out and make art when an idea pops into my head, or, the weather is looking favorable for an epic sunrise or sunset shot.

One of my favorite things to shoot is desert nightscapes with the core of our Milkyway in the background. there is nothing better than going out into the middle of the desert with my LED lights, light stands, camera, and other misc gear and spending time with nature. It is very peaceful and exciting as well. I am never truly alone as there are always critters around to keep me company such as scorpions, tarantulas, coyotes, jackrabbits and many other nocturnal desert creatures.

I always pre-plan my outings using multiple apps such as google earth and photo pills to start. After finding a nice spot, I like to get there around twilight to survey the area and figure out where to set up my lighting for the foreground in the photo, as well as making sure ill be safe while shooting. I'll compose my shot, move 6 feet to the right, lower my tripod 9 inches, then move back to the left 4 feet. I'll do this numerous times throughout the night, giving me many different composition options to choose from during post-processing. This month, I'll be heading out(social distancing at its finest) for my first shoot of the year, and I cant tell you how excited I am. I'll be sharing my first outing of the year through text and photos as well to show the fruits of my labor, and I may do a little video as well, sharing the experience with all who may be interested. Anyway, if you'd like to see some of my artwork, head on over to https://www.drhayesphoto.com/shop-1 and please, follow me here on my blog or on my social media links and I look forward to sharing with you, peace.

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